Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sebastían Piñera Wins Chilean Election

Consider this a placeholder for a longer post about the Chilean run-off election which took place today. Why should you care about the Chilean election? Because for the first time since the transition to democracy in 1988 a right wing party has won the Presidency.

While Piñera represents a coalition of right wing parties, some of which supported the Pinochet dictatorship and still defend it, he took pains during the campaign to criticize Pinochet and stake his own ground on the issue. History was made tonight. For early information on the dynamics and importance of the race you can go here and here.

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  1. Hi Valdavia, It's Gen Stuck. I am back online now and was browsing some of the BJ Israel threads and your fair and reasonable comments there on the topic. And I agree with you. I support Israel's right to exist, but not all their tactics, but what else was to happen when surrounded by 200 million Arabs who have wanted them to be pushed into the sea.

    Any comment by anyone, and especially from someone on the WH press corp calling for Jews to return to the place that nearly exterminated them, and still doesn't like them very much is beyond the pale imo. Browsing BJ today even more confirms my opinion it is now mostly a satellite blog of DU or Daily Kos. Left wing dogma all the time, though I could be wrong about that. Anyways, just thought I'd say Hi!